We’re focused on Strategic IT Consulting & bringing our clients first-class network hardware

Our small team of A players does amazing things at a fair price. How do we do it? Focus. There’s two things we do well.

Strategic IT Consulting

We’ll help you make complex IT decisions clear. The perfect blend of switch infrastructure and ISP consolidation, with a hint of LAN refresh



The first rule of security is to know how secure the system is. The second rule is to know how to break it so you can harden it. Synapse has over 25 years of experience helping our customers shore up their security posture, from beefing up their perimeter security all the way through evaluating and teaching the employee base the basics of staying safe in today’s always connected computer culture.


Network switching is the backbone of any IT infrastructure. Let our engineers help you design a new network topology or help you enhance your current design to be the fastest, securest and most resilient it can be. Our deep connection with vendors will also ensure you the best price to performance ratio.


‘Moving to the cloud’ is rapidly changing from something to look at in the future to something that makes sense to do right now for a lot of CTO’s CFO’s and IT Directors. We can help you with every step of this process, by making specific recommendations, engineering a solution and executing the move.


  • Wireless Surveys/Engineering
  • IT Systems Administration
  • Virtualization and Storage

Selective Partnerships

Our expertise involves hand-picked partners many of whom we’ve worked with for 10+ years. Sure, that’s what every VAR does. But as is true with all great companies, the relationships that deliver far greater value than just the parts.



The Synapse team gets our agency business. Kristine and Stuart were able to come to our firm with solutions that scale as we grow. Unlike most companies we talked with, they didn’t try to sell us the whole house.

John G

We have utilized Synapse over the years as our go-to network engineering team. They have helped us with everything from a full rip and replace of our network to assisting us with figuring out complex routing issues. Very reliable and top notch engineers!

Christopher B

Modern team, modern tech stack, and the ability to think ahead of us are three reasons we like synapse. Plus they’ll grab a drink with us after a long week.

Jeff W

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