The trick is in rebuilding the plane while you’re still flying it.

If you’re like us, you won’t mind the end of the big company processes for architecting, installing and delivering infrastructure. Bloat is just bad. This is about having an extended IT partnership that works, instead of more people who just happen to be on your payroll.


It’s about time you had IT that was responsive, interested in your business and showed up with a little personality. You won’t miss the IT attitude from the guy promoted from the help desk. And you’ll sleep better knowing that experts with hardware manufacturer relationships are behind your security, cloud computing, and infrastructure.


Over 25 years of helping clients figure IT out.

Since our founding in 1995 our offerings have evolved based on client needs and state-of-the-art services. Along the way we have seen all shapes and sizes of networking puzzles, security challenges and demanding business support.

What customers tell us is that our experience counts. With Synapse Networks comes a consultative approach, a comprehensive understanding of your needs and integrity without compromise.

  • Consultation
  • Deep and Broad Knowledge
  • HIghly Skilled Engineers

Our People

Compassionate. Professional. Born-Ready.

Helping people with technology is our calling. And we’re on-call to answer questions, diagnose problems, or just check in on the health of your infrastructure..

“IT excellence involves more listening and less IT attitude.”

Stuart Brainerd

Stuart Brainerd

“Great IT support leads with the hands but always has heart.”

Kristine Marciniak

Kristine Marciniak

Our Culture

Sure, it’s about routers, cloud-based backup, and keeping the security locked down. That’s what every IT infrastructure outfit does.

It’s also about the end of light beer at company picnics in exchange for a discussion over craft beer, and not just once a year.

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