Microsoft 365 Business Voice

by Kristine Marciniak

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

by Kristine Marciniak

Microsoft has been in the telephony business for years, but mostly with offerings tailored to large enterprises. That has changed with the recent introduction of Microsoft's new voice bundle targeted at the sub 300 user small business space. At the $20/User/Month price point, smaller businesses can finally cost effectively move to a robust cloud hosted VOIP system. This price tag is inclusive of taxes which makes this offering a strong competitor.

The package includes:

Phone System

Standard phone features include Voice Mail, Caller ID, call menus, shared phone lines, and emergency calling.

Domestic Calling

Calls within your country or region are free. International plans and toll-free dialing are also available.

Audio Conferencing

Lets you host conference calls with people who don't have Teams or don't have an Internet connection.

To see all the capabilities, please take a look at these details.

This system works across Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android via Microsoft Teams, and also integrates with popular VOIP handset providers such as Poly and Yealink to name a few.

Synapse is very excited about this new offering and we are actively deploying this solution to a few of our clients as well as using the system for our own phone system. We are thrilled to help you save money and assist with deploying a new state of the art phone system for your business!


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